Tape Classroom Decor

Washi tape has been used in my classroom for a few years now to split whiteboard sections. I love having the variety of colors to match my theme.

Recently, I was browsing pictures on Instagram and I came across one from @lavieestbelle_23. She was using duct tape to decorate her classroom. There wasn’t a finished picture, but I thought it was worth a try. Since I’ve changed my classroom theme to purple and gold, I wanted a new bulletin board border for the hallway. Why not make it myself!

Basic and inexpensive supplies:IMG_2014

Yes, you’re looking at wax paper and decorative (duct) tape. Both of which I purchased at Dollar Tree. I also had a measuring tape, but you could easily do without it. There are so many designs for these tapes now to match almost any theme you have!




Step 1: Roll out some of the wax paper. You can make the pieces of border as long or as short as you’d like.

Step 2: Adhere the tape to the wax paper. As you can see in the picture, I was able to put 5 strips on the paper.IMG_2016



Step 3: Cut the strips out. Depending on how thick your wax paper is, you could almost tear the extra paper off.







That’s all there is to it. You can see it on the finished bulletin board. The design isn’t my creation – I found it on Pinterest. The background is a twin sheet from Walmart. The “grapes” are made from paper plates I got at Dollar Tree along with the green pipe cleaner vines. The leaves are made from construction paper I cut out, though I probably should have made them bigger.



T-minus 3 Weeks to BTS!

Yes, you read that right – I start school 3 weeks from today. August 4th is our first staff day and parent orientation that afternoon. Thankfully, I have access to my classroom throughout the summer. At this point I have almost everything done in my room, but I still have planning left to finish.

I thought I’d give a sneak peek at my classroom. Once I get the last details done, I’ll periscope so you can see things and be able to ask questions!

If you haven’t heard, I’m going with a purple and gold theme this year. Some of the decor is thanks to the amazing decor pack from Lindsey Nagorski. You can find it in her Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE. She also has other themed classroom decor packs.


My bulletin board outside my classroom is just about finished – minus class lists on the yellow squares. Hard to see but it says A “grape” bunch of 3rd & 4th graders. The border was a project of mine using decorative tape. I’ll have another post soon detailing how I made it. The “grapes” are small paper plates from Dollar Tree. I added some construction paper leaves and vines made from twisted chenille sticks (or pipe cleaners as I still call them).


This welcome pennant, from Lindsey’s pack, hangs above a couple of pocket charts by my door. The charts are used for attendance, lunch choices, classroom library check out, and new this year will be house system management!

The long whiteboard in my room has many purposes. The left area is for homework assignments. I’ve split it with purple washi tape which comes off clean at the end of the year. On the other side of the black file folder pocket chart, I post duty schedules and other important information for me.


This was a chalkboard section not covered when the rest of the board was made into a whiteboard many years ago. I took dry erase contact paper and covered it. Some border and washi tape helped to section it. The labels from Lindsey’s set help to identify the subjects and grades for the things we’re studying. It may get a header at some point.


The last board I had completed when I took these pictures also has many functions. At the top I’ve added the cursive letter set from the purple and gold decor pack. I have the poster you can partly see, but these were too cute not to use them!

The date pieces are hung on hook push pins with binder rings. Those date pieces came from this blog. I have a student change it each morning. The yellow and red hook push pins will hold binder rings and brag tags for each student.

There’s a couple of other things I finished, but forgot to take pictures of. I’ll make a post with those once I get them taken.

Are You a Planner? Come Join Us!

Do you use a Happy Planner, EC Planner, or something you’ve downloaded from TPT? All are welcome at the fun blab that Richelle from Roth’s Rockstars and I have started.

Not familiar with Blab.im? Similar to a Google Hangout, this format allows up to 4 people to be on camera at the same time but adds a chat area for other viewers to use while the blab is happening. You sign in with your Twitter account so it’s super easy!

We meet on Sundays at 7:30pm Central time to decorate our planners, share tips and ideas, and just hang out! The blabs take place on our blab.im accounts alternatingly. This Sunday, we will be on Richelle’s account. One neat feature about blab is you can subscribe to “shows” there. Doing so gives you notice when the blab goes live!

I’ve provided a link to the scheduled blab for this Sunday – just click the logo below. be sure to follow Richelle and I so you’ll be able to find out Plan with Us blabs easier!

Plan With Us Announcement

Red Stick Teacher Round Up

Red Stick Round Up Logo

A couple of Saturday’s ago, I attended my first teacher/blogger meet up! It was held in Baton Rouge and put together by some amazing Louisiana teachers – Jasmine, Jessica, and Kristi.

We talked about everything from using technology with our students to blogging and TPT. If you want to see more about the Round Up, they’re created a great website for it!

Red Stick Teacher Round Up

One part of this meet up I really enjoyed was not completely planned. We all gathered in one large circle and talked about TPT – concerns, suggestions, ideas. It was really great to have a time where everyone from the newbie to the veteran, sellers and purchasers could let their thoughts be heard! I took a couple pictures of that round table and the round up!


It’s Sale Time! Wishlist Linky

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  TPT is having a sale to celebrate all us teachers! I’ve joined Jen from Teaching in the Tongass Wishlist Linky to feature my top 3 wish listed items in my store.

TPT Sale Image



My top 2 wish listed are from my series of glyphs. They are great for anytime of the school year, but I’ve used them at the beginning. In addition to the Hollywood and monster versions seen here, my store also has pirate themed and turkey themed products.



I’ve used these flashcards as part of my 3rd grade math lessons on multiplication and division. They are great for partner work or individual practice at school but also for at home review.


Happy Planner Deals

I admit it. I jumped on the train. The Happy Planner train. If you’re not familar with Happy Planners, they are from me & my BIG ideas or MAMBI for short.

My life in general isn’t that complicated or busy, but I have been thinking about using a planner to help me be a better teacher with social media and TPT . After see many teachers gush over their new 2016-2017 planner, I decided to get one for myself. The one in the top corner of the picture is the one I ordered – Be Happy, Be Bright, Be YouHappy Planners

As excited as I was, I had a problem. The closest store that carries them to me is an hour away. Online shopping would be my best option. Here are some deals I found that might be helpful in getting your Happy Planner and accessories.

Michaels.com – You can’t use your teacher discount online, but you can use any of the other coupons they have in their app. Here are 3 that I used recently:

50% off shipping: APRIL50W          50% 1 item: 50APR816         40% off 1 item: SPRING40316M

Blitsy – This site has lots of crafting supplies but it has planners. Something I really liked about this site are the product videos available on the individual product pages. There is a sale up to 31% off Happy Planners and accessories. I also learned (after I placed my order, ugh!) they accept other 40% off coupons. The info page lists Hobby Lobby and Michael’s current coupons.

Happy April!

I’m joining up with Oh Boy It’s Farley for the April Currently! It’s been quiet here on my site, so I thought I’d give it a little life by joining in the li

April Currently

Tomorrow we are restarting our Teacher Blab Show on Blab.im. If you haven’t seen us before, come join us at 10am central! We’ve taken a few weeks off for various spring breaks and family/personal affairs. I’m looking forward to joining my pals to chat with all out teacher friends!

Before tomorrow’s show, I’ll be spending some time helping to clean and freshen up the little church I grew up in and still attend on holidays with my family. The church was founded Easter of 1916. It’s small and old, but I love the simple country look it has.