Holidays Around the World – Part 3

So for the end to our study of holidays around the world, we visited 2 more places.


Ornaments made by some of my students.

First we visited the Scandinavian countries. Some make gingerbread cookies with their families. To represent this, the students used a cinnamon and apple sauce dough to make ornaments. They smelled amazing! Here are a couple of versions for the recipe:
apple cinnamon dough with glue

apple cinnamon dough without glue

I’ve always allowed the ornaments to air dry, turning them once or twice each day, but you can bake them for faster dry time.

Then, we visited Korea. The students were surprised by the many traditions we learned about including taking shoes off at the door and singing or playing a musical instrument before receiving a gift. We played yut nori, a game similar to Parcheesi. Instead of using dice, this game uses sticks. We used craft sticks to represent the real ones, which have a rounded side. Here’s a site with printable directions and game board or you can download the one I created here: yut-a-korean-game. Note: I used some images from Wikipedia to create my board.

Finally, the students explored their own holiday traditions. I wasn’t at school that day, but the activity used this free holiday traditions flip book on TPT from A Classroom for All Seasons – check out her post about this product. They were able to write about their family decorations, food, and traditions.

I have other activities and countries which I’ve used in the past, but chose not to use this year. They include Russia (nesting doll coloring activity) and England (Christmas crackers craft using toilet paper tubes). I’ve already started looking for next year’s activities and have some new books ordered to go along with them!


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