Holidays Around the World – Part 2


Yule log and poinsettia crafts from last week.

Let’s finish off week 1 of our holidays around the world!

Thursday – Germany

To celebrate our decorated Christmas tree from German tradition, we decorated foam trees (from Dollar Tree) with all sorts of decorations. The favorite seemed to be the small silver snowflakes and some glittered sticker shapes that also came from Dollar Tree.

Friday – Australia

This one wasn’t as exciting, but we did have a special presentation at school that day which took up much of our time. We colored some Australian Christmas themed bookmarks and students looked up some information about the holiday there. Both of those came from this FREEBIE in Teaching Treks TPT store.


For week 2, here’s where we’ve been!

Monday – Israel

To celebrate Hanukkah, students were given chocolate coins (“gelt”) and they played dreidel. I used the symbol sheet from Tools for Teachers by Laurah J’s Dreidel Math: Practicing Halves product which I laminated for repeated use. I purchased the dreidels here: Zion Judaica There are many kinds, but I purchased the larger bag of plastic colorful ones. Mine don’t have the English transliterations the new ones have.

Tuesday – Sweden

For this one, I took a little of a stretch for the craft. In reference to how the girls dress to represent St. Lucy, we made pipe cleaner and bead angel ornaments. This project does take some time and direction, but they come out so unique and pretty for each student! Here’s the blog where I found the directions: OT Mom Learning Activities Angels

In the 3rd and final part of this series, I’ll finish off the last few holidays we have studied!


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