Happy Planner – Teacher Edition for Documentation!


So you may know I’m all about the Happy Planners! I was really excited to get the teacher edition of their planner to use this school year. Here’s how I’ve been using my planner – not for actual lesson plans, but for documentation!




First, I moved the checklist tab and pages up to the front of my planner. I use it to track homework assignments. You could easily use it for a paper gradebook, but my school provides one that we have to use during the year.


Next came the monthly planning pages, which I decided to turn into daily documentation sheets for my 3rd and 4th graders. One side is for each class. I have an example of what I write on these pages below. It can be anything – absences, uniform problems, behavior, and even academics.


Now you’ll notice that I have things in a version of shorthand. This makes it super easy for me to document and move on to other important tasks. I made a cheat sheet of the “codes” for my planner and used washi tape to place it on the back of a dashboard. Washi makes it easy for me to print a new one if I need to add something to my codes.


This dashboard is actually from the set of 3 dashboards for the regular size Happy Planner. I loved how I could put the clear one in and have it not take up the entire page, but still allow me to quickly turn to the page for the current week.

How do you document things in your classroom? So far I’m finding this the best way I’ve ever used because it’s so convenient to just open, code and close my Happy Planner on the spot. I don’t find I’m forgetting to put things into writing the way I had with other systems..


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