5 Days ’til the Start of School!?!

Where has the summer gone??? It’s crazy to think the start of school for me is this Thursday! Granted, kids don’t start until the 9th, but still…

On Monday, I’ll be doing  a Periscope from my class so you can get a video view. As mentioned before, I had a few more areas of the classroom I wanted to share with you here on my blog.


I made a trip to Dollar Tree for a few more things I thought would be helpful. The square plastic box and the one in the package on the left are helping to organize and hide things on the shelf near where I do most of my teaching. I purchased 7 solar powered basic calculators and 7 timers for the students to use to check answers in their games and help time each other in small group tasks rather than me timing the entire class. The mints are for orientation and the seed packets (10 for $1) will go to my students when we study plants The round tub will hold a playground ball I bought at Five Below.

IMG_2122Here is my calendar which is a new one in black. The small purple containers in the previous picture can be seen here. I thought they would be great to hold the paint sticks I use for classroom library checkout. Only problem – they aren’t heavy enough to stay up. Solution – put inside another container. 🙂

The clocks show the times for recess, PE, and lunch but I don’t have them updated for the schedule this year.I’ll just move the hands which are attached by a brad.


IMG_2123These Sterilite drawers used to have wheels, but they’ve broken so I put them on my teacher desk in the corner of the class. No, I don’t use a teacher desk for me. It’s counter space and helps hold some library books on the brown shelf you can see. I keep manipulatives in the drawers. They’re labeled from my Hollywood theme and I just can’t bring myself to change them. Maybe next summer I’ll do some neutral labels for them.






IMG_2124 This storage cabinet in the corner by my window also serves as a birthday chart! It’s wasted space and because of the location, it’s not looked at very often. More library books are on the brown shelf and the tubs on top of the cubbies which house each student’s books.



So that’s my classroom. There are a few other little things, but I’ll share those when I scope on Monday. Be sure you follow me Southern Teacher (@sthrnteacher) on Periscope!









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