Are You a Planner? Come Join Us!

Do you use a Happy Planner, EC Planner, or something you’ve downloaded from TPT? All are welcome at the fun blab that Richelle from Roth’s Rockstars and I have started.

Not familiar with Similar to a Google Hangout, this format allows up to 4 people to be on camera at the same time but adds a chat area for other viewers to use while the blab is happening. You sign in with your Twitter account so it’s super easy!

We meet on Sundays at 7:30pm Central time to decorate our planners, share tips and ideas, and just hang out! The blabs take place on our accounts alternatingly. This Sunday, we will be on Richelle’s account. One neat feature about blab is you can subscribe to “shows” there. Doing so gives you notice when the blab goes live!

I’ve provided a link to the scheduled blab for this Sunday – just click the logo below. be sure to follow Richelle and I so you’ll be able to find out Plan with Us blabs easier!

Plan With Us Announcement


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