TPT Tip and Social Media Notes Sheets

As I’ve been working to redesign, update, and create new TPT products, I realized I kept going back to previously made ones to copy buttons for my credits page. Sometimes I had a hard time finding the one I wanted. Then, I had to find the button in my files, find the link to the store/blog, and create the hyperlink.

That is until earlier this morning! It came to me – why not have one place where I have all the buttons already hyperlinked! I created a PowerPoint slide and started adding the most used buttons with their links. Why didn’t I think of that before! Now I can easily get the buttons I need all ready for my products. Here’s what it looks like.

Credits Icons with Links

Another idea I had was for keeping up with all the great social media for educators and teacherpreneurs. Since many schools have started taking things like Periscope for professional development, I thought it would be great to have pages for teacher binders and TPT planners specifically for writing down the great ideas learned from those or for teacherpreneurs, a way to write down ideas for upcoming projects. Here’s a look at one of the full pages.

Social Media Note-Taking Sheets Pic Preview

Click this picture for the full product in my TPT store!

I’ve included full and half page sheets like this one for Blab, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. It’s available in my store now, but I’m having a giveaway! Visit my Facebook page and go to the giveaway tab. (See link below) I’ll be closing the giveaway tomorrow morning at 9am. The winner will be posted on my social media shortly after!

Social Media Note-Taking Sheet Giveaway

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